Monday, December 21, 2009

A Hymn for Christmas: “The Miracle of Christmas”

The Miracle of Christmas

He came to earth that winter night
  to share our human frame.
A choir of angels took to flight
  to glorify his name.

Some shepherds in a field nearby
  were summoned to his birth,
And heard the angels raise the cry
  of peace upon the earth.

They went to where the babe did lay,
  and found a manger bare.
Some sheep and oxen in the hay,
  and Mary, Joseph, there.

O mysteries no eye has seen,
  no human ear has heard,
That God should come to such a scene,
  and we should call him Lord.

The world's vast empires rise and fall,
  great Caesar lost his claim,
But Mary's babe is all in all,
  and Jesus is his name.

© 2001 Richard L. Floyd

(Photo:  “Adoration of the Shepherds” by Gerard van Honthorst)

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