Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“Retired Pastor Ruminates” is moving and changing its name

I'm not moving, but my blog is, and I'm giving it a makeover.

First of all, I am changing the name.  Several friends and colleagues have lately challenged me on whether there actually is such a thing as a retired pastor, and if there is, am I one of them?

I have give this some thought, and have decided that they are right.  Although I no longer serve a congregation I still have a ministry to offer the church in my thinking and writing and conversations. I am not a retired pastor.  It has taken nearly seven years for me to come to this conclusion, but it feels like the correct one.

I must admit I have some nostalgia for Retired Pastor Ruminates, and especially for its loyal followers, who Pastor Karl Duetzmann once nicknamed “Rumination Nation.” I hope you will all come over to the new site.

So the new name is tentatively When I Survey . . .  ruminations, reviews, recipes and rants.  I'll live with the new name for awhile and see how it works out.

The second change is the format.  Everything that was on RPR will be on the new site, but I think you will find it has a cleaner look and things will be easier to find.  I am changing from Blogger to WordPress. My friend Jason Goroncy from New Zealand helped me move everything over last week when he was visiting.

So the changes are mostly superficial.  Whatever I call the blog I will still be ruminating on a variety of topics near and dear to my heart.  And I plan to put all my recipes up on the new site from now on (and you can still find them all in one place at Rick's Recipes).

As always this will be free site with no ads.  So come on over and check out When I Survey . . .

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  1. Yea! I'm so excited that you've made this change, Richard! Congrats. You've NEVER been retired - just re-purposed!