Saturday, January 2, 2010

“They sought him by a star:” A Hymn for Epiphany

They sought him by a star
  they followed from the East.
We know him in his Word
  and eucharistic feast.
For those who look to him for bread
  will find their souls are daily fed.

The nations need his light
  against the darkened hour.
Their hate and fear and might
  betray his gentle power.
But those who seek by word and deed
  will find he meets them in their need.

We walk on paths unknown
  through days of doubt and fear.
We face each day and frown,
  we struggle each new year.
But those who follow in his way
  will find his light for each new day.

And when he comes at last
  his glory will shine forth.
The world that moved so fast
  will stop to mark his worth.
And finally see the great “I Am”
  and join the Supper of the Lamb.

© 2001 Richard L. Floyd

(Photo: R. L. Floyd, “Wise Men from Ecuadorian Creche”)

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